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Curiosity: forget “Cherchez la femme” (Look for the woman.) “Cherchez l’histoire.” (Look for the story.)

Transcontinental Loop: Appendix

For some reason, I could not edit Part 5 so that the image and text appeared legibly. Here’s the corrected version: We enjoyed a tour of the submarine before the … Continue reading

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Transcontinental Loop Part 5: North Carolina to Ontario

My son Ben was right about the insane traffic between D.C. and NYC. Drivers disregard speed limits and weave across lanes without signaling. But we had no close calls. We … Continue reading

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Transcontinental Loop 2022 – Part 4

We’ve been pretty busy since my last post. On May 16, we headed southeast, across Kentucky toward Ben and Ruth’s new home in North Carolina Noticing the buildings of the … Continue reading

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Transcontinental Loop 2022 – Part 4, cont’d.

This collage of indoor views shows just how well this mansion was set up to entertain up to, I think, about 30 elegant guests with a variety of interests. The … Continue reading

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Transcontinental Loop 2022 – Part 3

May 8-13 I should probably call this next set of posts “Transcontinental Loops 2022″, since we rarely headed from one family visit to another by the most direct route. After … Continue reading

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Transcontinental Loop 2022 – Part 2

April 30-May 7 Part 1 covered April 26-29. On April 30, we traveled south-east to another incredible site that was enhanced by humans: Mesa Verde, CO. It wasn’t far, so … Continue reading

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Transcontinental Loop 2022-Part 1

April 26-29 It’s been nearly two and a half years since I posted anything–although we haven’t stayed at home the entire time. We’ve been to California, to Europe (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, … Continue reading

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Hawaiian Holiday

Apologies in advance for the disjointed style of this posting. Formatting, etc. are almost impossible on this site now. We returned to a beach-side cottage on Molokai, where we stayed … Continue reading

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Glacier Vacation

This summer, we opted for a road trip in the opposite direction: to Alaska by way of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. We spent the night of June 25 in … Continue reading

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Extended Family-Part 6

A few days later we drove to the North Shore and hiked part way up the Kealia Trail. It began as a smooth dirt trail, but transitioned to increasingly larger, … Continue reading

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