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Curiosity: forget “Cherchez la femme” (Look for the woman.) “Cherchez l’histoire.” (Look for the story.)

Trip West to the Old–and New–East-Part 2

During the the Tokugawa Shogunate, 1603-1868, the Emperor served as figure-head for the government of warlords. The two Imperial Palaces were in Edo (now Tokyo) and Kyoto. When warlords gathered … Continue reading

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Trip West to the Old–and New–East: Part 4 – China

We stopped in four Chinese ports. The first was Dalian, where we found a mix of old and new that I still don’t quite understand yet. That “faux old” section … Continue reading

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Trip West to the Old–and New–East: Part 3-Busan, Korea

Our only stop in Korea was Busan, the second largest city. Our full day began with a drive out into the hills that surround the city to explore the many … Continue reading

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Trip West to the Old–and New–East-part 1

Both Gary and I have been to Asia before. He had six months of shore duty, in 1964, in Okinawa and Yokosuka, Japan. Later in his civilian career in the … Continue reading

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Trip East to the Old West

Life has changed with the commissioning of USS Portland. Our first extended driving trip, Aug, 22 to Sept. 1, since he was tapped as Chair of the Commissioning Committee was … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Doors

We’ve watched the “Occupy ICE” encampment growing in our South Waterfront neighborhood for more that a week and planned to attend the demonstration announced for today. Mid-to late morning, we … Continue reading

June 24, 2018 · 1 Comment

Charting a New Course I

You may remember this photo from two years ago: ship’s sponsor Bonnie Amos smashing the champagne bottle across the bow of the (prospective) USS Portland LPD27 in Pascagoula, MI. That … Continue reading

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“Combat Trains” on Smithsonian Channel

I finally got to watch “The First Railroad War,” episode 7 of the series “Combat Trains,” on TV! It was broadcast on the Smithsonian Channel last night at 10:00PM. Several … Continue reading

April 6, 2018 · 2 Comments

Veterans Day and Everything’s Connected

My last post, in late September, celebrated completion of the SFD of my three volume saga: Women Absent their Men. Since then, I’ve done extensive re-working of the manuscript, begun … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me

  I was gripped by curiosity on December 18, 2012, as art handlers carried our donated painting of Adèle de la Lanceau off to Portland Art Museum. It was an … Continue reading

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