illuminate history

Curiosity: forget “Cherchez la femme” (Look for the woman.) “Cherchez l’histoire.” (Look for the story.)

Happy Birthday to me

  I was gripped by curiosity on December 18, 2012, as art handlers carried our donated painting of Adèle de la Lanceau off to Portland Art Museum. It was an … Continue reading

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other end of the canal

We explored Panama City in reverse chronological order, beginning at the  Visitor Center of one of those engineering feats that we take for granted now. When it opened to shipping on … Continue reading

March 21, 2017 · 1 Comment

Coming Full Circle

It’s exactly one year since I engaged in the email correspondence with Olivia Thomas of Woodcut Media that resulted in my express trip back to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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Off the beaten track…

Tuesday morning we enjoyed a 3.5 mile hike on a wet rain-forest trail, the surface of which                           … Continue reading

February 22, 2013 · 2 Comments

The Canopy Above

This time last year, Gary and I sought warmth and sunshine on James Michener’s Islands of the South Pacific and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, where we reveled in irresistible underwater vistas. This year we’ve … Continue reading

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A good start

December’s been great so far. Last Saturday, Gary & I went to see Lincoln, the movie. I loved the suspense involved in passage of the 13th Amendment, then the intense … Continue reading

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abundance of resources

The screen-writing class I mentioned in my last post is, as anticipated, stimulating sharper attention to scene-setting. No, I don’t expect to make a movie of First-Born Daughter, but I … Continue reading

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