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Curiosity: forget “Cherchez la femme” (Look for the woman.) “Cherchez l’histoire.” (Look for the story.)

Spectacular Scenery & Memorable Meals




I promise–this is my last report on our recent trip to Scandinavia, St. Petersburg and Torino. Looking at a map, one can see that the Scandinavian countries are bounded by the Baltic Sea, the North Sea; linked to the continent by Germany to the south and Finland to the north. The coast of Norway is fringed by fjords; spangled with islands.







Our most memorable meal was at Cornelius Restaurant, on a small island just outside the Bergen harbor.It’s only accessible by boat or helicopter.  Our host delivered a colorful account of the restaurant’s history and emphasis on freshness:  everything we ate had been alive until a few minutes before we were served.4-bergen-lunch









Lunch on our own in Bergen was special on account of the sheer volume of exquisitely fresh steamed mussels, the tang of nettles in the house-made mayonnaise and an entertaining view of the harbor.

Sorry, this entry is truncated because I accidentally hit “Publish” before I was finished. The rest is in “part 2.”





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