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Curiosity: forget “Cherchez la femme” (Look for the woman.) “Cherchez l’histoire.” (Look for the story.)

On TV, really?

Apparently so: the day after tomorrow! It will be exactly six weeks after I got the first msg from Olivia Thomas, by way of Portland Baroque Orchestra.

I fly to Baltimore tomorrow (on miles).  My friend Pat and I will drive to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania early Thursday morning. I gave a talk there on Herman Haupt and the Battle of Gettysburg three years ago. That time they put Haupt truss bridge @ RR museumus up for the night; this time is different

I’ve wondered if this project is for real, since it came so suddenly out of nowhere. The Museum Advancement Director reassured me: “Woodcut Media will be setting up first at the back of the Museum parking lot, where the Haupt truss bridge currently is located.”

That’s where we’ll go. Olivia, director Jonathan Mayo and their cameraman will be there. I’m slated to work with them from 9:45 am to 1:00 pm. Jonathan will ask questions about Herman Haupt and my great-grandfather, the Civil War Locomotive Engineer.

I’ll get back to writing my novel one of these days …


One comment on “On TV, really?

  1. Sam Stott
    June 7, 2015

    Way to go, Diana! I’m in the Houston airport on my way to the beach with Pat. Eager to hear more when we both get home.

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