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Curiosity: forget “Cherchez la femme” (Look for the woman.) “Cherchez l’histoire.” (Look for the story.)

Patience & Persistence

Although I’ve decided not to call my memoir Tenacity is my Middle Name, my middle name still is “tenacity.”

As members of the Oregon Historical Society, Gary and I received the summer flyer announcing the “Holiday Cheer Celebration of Oregon Authors'” the  holiday book-selling opportunity I did not learn of until late this spring. At the end of a second very informative “History for the Genealogist” workshop given by Hannah Allan , I gave Hannah a copy of Reflections of a Civil War Locomotive Engineer and asked whom I should contact to learn how to participate in “Holiday Cheer” this year.

“Check at the front desk,” she said.

“Contact Rachel Randles,” was the answer at the front desk.

So I did.

Rachel was happy to learn that Hannah had a copy of the book; so I waited. And waited. I managed not to send Rachel a msg. to to the effect “I haven’t heard, so this must mean “no.”

Good thing: Rachel sent a msg. to me–& another 69+  writers/editors on Tues: “Welcome to the Oregon Historical Society’s 2012 Holiday Cheer Event.” Yay!

 Save the Date!

45th Annual Holiday Cheer

A Celebration of Oregon Authors

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Noon – 4 PM

Visit with over 70 local authors and purchase their latest book, and have it personally signed for the perfect holiday gift (or gift for yourself!) Enjoy treats, music, and more as we spread the holiday cheer throughout the entire museum.


Not only that, Wordstock paid off, too. While sitting at the Willamette Writers’ table, answering questions about both WW & my own book, I talked with Dorothy Sagar, a poised, mature high high school student who was also helping. She wants to study creative writing, psychology and acting, and I’m sure she’ll succeed at all three. She liked that I had found collected letters and papers that inspired me to do years of research and write a book. She suggested that her AP US History teacher at Glencoe H.S. might like to have me come talk to one of his classes.

The following week, I delivered a copy of my book for Patrick Ackerman–with cover letter–to the office at Glencoe HS. A week later, he emailed: “Thank you so much for the book!  I would love for you to come in and speak to my AP U.S. History class… after the students take their AP exam in mid-May.   It would be great for my class to hear from a historian and writer…I will contact you in the spring.” Yes.


One comment on “Patience & Persistence

  1. Pat Meyer
    November 1, 2012

    I KNEW it, I KNEW this would happen! I predicted that you would be on the circuit with your book! Congratulations Diana. “High Five!”

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