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Museum Event: Herman Haupt at Gettysburg

This post is for the people at today’s event at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania’s special event to highlight their special exhibition on The Role of Railroads in Pennsylvania During the Civil War would like more information about Herman Haupt.

First, as promised, here is a copy of my presentation, Gen’l. Haupt & Gettysburg-1  –complete with speaker’s notes. To see the notes, just hold your cursor on the little squib in the upper left corner.

Second, here is the link to my first piece on Gen’l. Haupt, which appeared on the New York Times‘ Civil War blog, Disunion: . If you would like to know more about the remarkable Herman Haupt, you can find a complete list of sources–many of which are available on the internet–on this post.

My second piece on Haupt, Better Rules for the Road, is slated to appear on Disunion in mid-August.



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